Menu variations

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Dear guest! We welcome you to our banquet pages and hope to provide you with all the necessary information for your planned event. O urgoal is to show you the good side of hospitality, so you can relax and enjoy your food and drink. We are convinced that you will like the meals the offer. But we are pleased about every note from you, so to make our services even better. We wish you a " Bon Appetit " in advance and hope to welcome you soon.
    • Hot meals

    • Festtags-soup with fine ingredients

      5,50 €

    • Onion roast pork

      9,50 €

      with red cabbage and mashed potatoes

    • Schnitzel “Jäger Art”

      13,00 €

      with mushroom sauce, roasted potatoes
      and mixed salad

    • Pork roll with broccoli filling

      10,50 €

      with red wine sauce and parsley potatoes

    • Turkey breast in orange gravy

      10,50 €

      with red cabbage and potato gratin

    • “Hungarian Puszta pan”

      12,50 €

      sliced pork with peppers in a spicy sauce, to Risi Bisi and market-fresh salads

    • Fricassee with mushrooms and onions

      11,50 €

      with spaetzle and a mixed salad

    • Sliced chicken in curry cream with pineapple

      11.50 €

      with almond rice and fine wrinkled peas

    • Braised beef “Rhineland style” in raisin sauce

      10,50 €

      with mixed vegetables and butter potatoes

    • Braised beef roulade

      12.50 €

      with bacon & cucumber stuffing and red wine sauce, to red cabbage and parsley potatoes

    • Menu 1

    • Beef bouillon “Gärtnerin”

      with fine strips of vegetables and egg noodles

    • Juicy pork roast

      in Onion Sauce

    • Braised beef roulade

      with bacon & cucumber stuffing and red wine sauce, to red cabbage and parsley potatoes

    • Bourbon vanilla ice cream with hot rum cherries

      21.00 €

      and whipped cream garnished with rolled waffle and fruits

    • Menu 2

    • Cream soup of yellow pepper

      with shrimp skewer in Wasabi Marinade

    • Turkey roulade “Westphalian Style”

      filled with ham, mushrooms and onions. Juicy roast with mustard and herb sauce, with a colorful selection of vegetables, Butterknöpfle and parsley potatoes

    • Pear “Helene”

      26,00 €

      vanilla ice cream with pear-ranging, hot chocolate and whipped cream

    • Menu 3

    • Consommé “Celestine”

      with delicate pancake strips

    • Pork Roulade

      stuffed with smoked ham and broccoli. Roasted Muscovy Duck Breast on Orange pepper sauce with Chardonnay Pea, to crunchy sprouts and duchess potatoes

    • Hazelnut ice cream cake

      29.50 €

      with liquid chocolate core to warm plum compote with cream and fruit garnish

    • Menu 4

    • Carrots and celery soup

      with fine chervil cream sauce

    • Chicken breast stuffed with spinach on herb sauce

      Fillet of pork with mushrooms in mustard and herb sauce, to broccoli, yellow and red turnips and butter rice

    • Duet of bavarian créme and a parfait of forest fruits

      27,50 €

      to apricot sauce and a fruit bouquet

    • Menu 5

    • Chicken consommé “Royale”

      with fine egg custard and julienne vegetables

    • Pork medallions with mushroom sauce grilled Braised beef in Barolo sauce

      with cauliflower, wrinkled peas, fresh carrot slices, tomato gratin, baked potato balls and boiled potatoes

    • Dialogue of red and green fruit jelly

      27.00 €

      with Bourbon vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and fruits

    • Menu 6

    • Cream soup of garden herbs

      with butter croutons and cress

    • New Zealand rack of lamb

      roasted pink with rosemary and a hint of garlic, to grilled tomato and tossed Kenya beans, potato gratin and fried potatoes Macaire

    • Fresh fruit salad

      34.50 €

      with hazelnut ice cream, Bourbon vanilla sauce, whipped cream and krumkake

    • Menu 7

    • Potato Cream Soup

      with sour cream and cucumber strips

    • Leg of venison “Hubertus”

      in juniper sauce with chanterelles and sheathed woodtuft. Slices of pork tenderloin wrapped in savoy cabbage, to red cabbage, peach with cranberries, egg noodles and buttered potatoes

    • Mousse à l’orange

      31.00 €

      Garnished with forest fruit sauce, whipped cream and fruits

    • Menu 8

    • Slices of pink roasted duck breast

      10.50 €

      at annua9,50 € salad with honey vinaigrette

    • Consommé of forest mushroom

      with fine strips of leek and fresh marrow dumplings

    • Fried sea bream fillet

      to vegetables with saffron sauce

    • Veal medallions wrapped in bacon

      on light pepper sauce with mushrooms, to sautéed carrots, green beans and baked “Herzogin”-style potatoes

    • Duet of white chocolate mousse

      41.00 €

      with strawberry ice cream garnished with fresh fruit

    • Menu 9

    • Variation of Scottish smoked salmon, local trout and North Sea Shrimp Cocktail

      11.50 €

      to marinated green salad with honey mustard sauce and buttered baguette

    • Fruity tomato consommé

      with fine inlay

    • Vegetables skewers steamed over herbal brew

      with buttered Spaghetti and Pesto Sauce

    • Duet of fried tilapia and prawn

      on pepper and cucumber with crustacean sauce, to market-fresh salads and Basmati rice

    • Mandarins and Yoghurt Terrine

      36,00 €

      on fresh fruit salad with raspberry sauce

    • Menu 10

    • Duet of prawn and serrano ham

      12.50 €

      on rocket with mild yogurt and herb sauce

    • Cream soup of red kuri squash

      with Styrian pumpkin seed oil

    • Grilled turkey satay skewer

      in tandoori marinade on pepper and onion relish with aioli sauce

    • “Surf & Turf”

      23,00 €

      Rare roast of Argentinean tournedos beef. Lobster with Riesling-butter sauce and Gran Padano Gratin on young spinach with lemon vinaigrette and basmati-rice

    • Duo of white and dark chocolate mousse

      52.00 €

      with caramel sauce on fruit bouquet

    • Zusätzliche Beilagen

    • Mixed vegetables

      3.00 €

    • Green beans in bacon and onion butter

      2,50 €

    • Mixed salad

      5.50 €